Key2Key helps brands, funders and retailers work together to maximise customer loyalty.

How do you ensure customers are contacted at the right time?

Key2Key delivers high-converting leads from your customer data, and distributes them to sales teams and call centres.

Details of the customer, their vehicle, valuations and settlement figures are combined with offers and incentives to deliver pre-calculated opportunities with all the required details in an effective workflow process.

Hierarchical reporting provides the information you need to manage the performance of your campaign at a national, area, group or site level.

Versatile campaign creation and management.

Working in partnership with brands and funders, we implement bespoke business rules that utilise offers and incentives to maximise the number of opportunities in each campaign.

  • Early renewals
  • Maturing and end of term renewals
  • Early settlements
  • Service leads
  • Early lease renewals

Retailers can also create their own campaigns, using the system to match customers to new and used inventory.

All leads distributed through the platform are tracked so you can monitor the progress and performance of campaigns using the reporting dashboard.

Need more sales?

Key2Key lets you interact with your data, so you can generate more opportunities.

Change interest rates and set payment, term and deposit parameters to produce fresh leads whenever you need them. You can modify an existing campaign, or create a new one selecting the vehicles or customers you want to focus on.

Predictable campaign results and costs

4S Calculator is a powerful modelling tool that enables you to explore the relationship between financial support and sales, enabling you to extend the reach of campaigns with predictable results and costs.

A proven, globally scalable and secure solution

Key2Key is used to manage millions of customer finance agreements worldwide.

We are ISO27001:2013 accredited and meet or exceed the highest standards for security of financial data in each of the countries we currently provide solutions in.

In 2016-17 we completed a multi-million pound platform investment, enabling us to offer clients a fully customisable user interface, single user sign on and support for country-specific data, products and calculations.

To find out more or to arrange a demonstration please contact us.